Solutions for Baby's Skin - Eczema, Cradle Cap, Baby Acne, and Diaper Rash

Your little one’s skin is already sensitive enough without you trying several different products to find a solution. Along with driving yourself insane with different products, its costing you lots of $$$. I have been there--spending countless dollars trying to find something that works. Luckily, there are simple solutions that actually work and won’t break the bank. They work because I have seen the results with both of my children; plus, my pediatrician recommended them!

Solution for Eczema: Hydrocortisone Cream

Over the counter 1% will work fast! Put it on twice a day for 2 -3 days until it clears. Once the eczema clears, continue to moisturize with Aquaphor or another emollient-based moisturizer 3x a day. Prolonged use of hydrocortisone cream isn’t the best, since it can thin the skin over time, but it works wonders for those hard-to-soften eczema patches.

Solution for Cradle Cap: Olive Oil

Pour some olive oil on the baby’s head, gently rub it in, and let it sit for about an hour before bath time. While in the bath, gently brush away the cradle cap (I like to use a soft bristle toothbrush), then wash the oil away. This works instantly! If you still have some tough spots that did not come away easily, retry in a week.

Solution for Baby Acne: Aquaphor

Rub on the baby’s face, ears, neck, and head (basically wherever the acne is) daily. I liked to put it on my baby before bedtime, right after a bath. I pat the skin dry with a towel (not rub) and apply an excessive amount to the area. Note: Aquaphor usually has the same ingredients in their different lines. For example, “Advanced Baby” is the same as “Advanced Therapy” so don’t pay the extra $$$ just because it says “Baby.” This will take about a week to start clearing up so stay committed!

Solution for Diaper Rash: Maalox or Store Brand Stomach Acid relief (comparable to Maalox)

After cleaning the area, pat dry or air dry. Use a cotton ball and place some Maalox on it. Pat the cotton ball all over the rash. Let the Maalox dry a bit before placing the diaper back on. You will start seeing relief within a day to the irritated area.

Here to help,

Middle Sister

Note: I am not an expert on baby care. These are solutions that I have found that worked for my children. Everyone is different and so are babies! So if your little one is sensitive to something, please contact your pediatrician right away.

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