"Do Your Homework!"

Oh, homework… Right now my kids are young, and reading is the main source of their homework. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. I have even read books about the best books. I have read books about instilling a love of reading in your children (like really long books). I have bought a million books. I have them everywhere, in every room. I have 3 stacks of books on my nightstand right now. My children each have their own bookshelf. I literally cannot reiterate enough how much learning to read is important, but I still hate homework!

When the little munchkins first start going to school, every paper they bring home is just so precious! “Oh, you colored an umbrella! Going in the scrapbook.” “Look at that little squiggle, your first letter! Scrapbook!” (Funny that I say scrapbook since I don’t actually have a scrapbook. More like a drawer where I stuff everything into and at a later date will think about scrapbooking it, maybe, in like 20 years.) When they bring home their first reading book, it was the best! “Oh wow, they can sound out 2 letters! Treasure Island, here we come!”

But after a few years, this is what it looks like. “Where are all your papers? (Dumps out a backpack full of papers- like 10 each!) Ok, any handprint crafts? No?” All in the trash can. All those unfinished papers (discreetly, you know- don’t want to crush their spirit). What a waste, right? I do not have time to monitor my child do this extra work. That is insanity!

What happens though when it is required they read from their reading book every single night? The same section three times in a row? I will tell you what happens. I hand the book to my child, and say start reading. And you know what I do? Anything and everything. I give the other kids a bath. I cook dinner. I eat. I sit on my phone (horrible, don’t judge). And every once in a while when he hesitates, I say, ”Are you finished?” Then I sign that baby and move on with my life. I do love my child and love hearing him read, but not when I am required to do it!

That brings up another lovely point. Who knows of a responsible kid? (Don’t answer. I don’t want to feel bad.) So the kids are required to read every night and write spelling words some nights and who knows what else I might be missing. But let’s be honest, I am the one who has to remember that! On top of caring for 3 children and working a part time job, I have to remember what nights we have homework and to get it done? Isn’t that asking a lot of me? So when I hear, “Oh, I have homework,” I just want to rephrase it into “No, mommy has homework.” Because I do. I haven’t even gotten into the nitty-gritty of homework yet, but I know it’s coming. I hear horror stories from other parents saying how their child had a huge project and didn’t say anything until bedtime the night before! Guess who was staying up all night on that? And then we hear, “Well, the kids need to be more responsible.” So if they aren’t responsible, we get punished! Like, “you better teach them this or you will suffer.”

So horror story about me as a kid. I was in the third grade and required to do an animal project about the different types (mammals, amphibians, etc.e isto crush their spirit)t d t). Well, I waited til the last minute, and my parents were up until 3 in the morning with me! Could you imagine? They didn’t even kill me! I mean, I am still alive to tell the story! Just another reason homework is bad

In case you were wondering, there are multiple research articles out there that debunk the idea that homework helps students excel in school. Just saying. Let me know your thoughts on homework and any last minute projects you had sprung on you! I could use a good laugh and maybe some tips for the future.

Until Next Time,

Sister #1

Disclaimer: I love teachers and schools. You are the best. I never could do what you do, ever. I get homework and the whole responsibility thing, really. I just don’t like doing it.

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