Donut Sugar Cookies & Coffee for Valentine's Day Gift

Let's make this year’s Valentine's Day gift different and fun! This gift idea is memorable, creative, and made with love. Also, who doesn't love coffee and donuts?!

This last December I came up with this idea while viewing a Pinterest post of donut sugar cookies. I jumped all over it and came up with a gift to give my landlord, my husband’s coworkers, and kid’s teachers. I gave out a half dozen sugar cookie donuts and a pound of Dunkin coffee. I was so busy decorating the sugar cookie donuts that I didn't make a cute printable to go with it. So, this holiday I jumped on it early and made one. Please feel free to download the printable tags for this gift!

In my mind, this gift can be given in several different ways, but there are 2 ways I like best. Either give the cookies with a bag of coffee or a coffee shop gift card. Coffee and donuts! This perfect gift is sweet since each one is decorated differently. Have fun decorating these guys!

Cheers to coffee and donuts,

Middle Sister

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