DIY Projects from T-Shirt Transfer Paper

Happy almost wedding season! I think of myself as a crafty person especially with my graphic design background, so when it was time for my wedding I took on some projects. Today, I am going to show you how to make two different projects with t-shirt transfer paper that I used for my big day!

DIY Iron on Monogram

I am obsessed with monograms on everything and even looked into buying a monogram machine, which I never did. For the morning of my wedding I wanted a monogram shirt with my new initials. I looked into buying this monogram shirt all over, but when I saw this white t-shirt transfer paper on sale at Joann’s and thought well it’s worth a shot to try to make my own. I created my monogram in InDesign but other programs work too. You can download these FREE monogram fonts at or I grabbed an older denim button up shirt, did a test round, and ironed it on – I was surprised at the results. Scroll down to see all the steps.

DIY Canvas Print

I wanted a canvas print for my wedding welcome sign, and I owned a few 12"x18” blank canvases at my house. With the purchase of my transfer paper, I thought…ehh why not give it a shot. It had to be 3 weeks out from the wedding when I came up with this brilliant idea. All in all it took me longer than it should have but that is only because I was making it up as I went. Follow these steps and it should only take an hour (assuming you have a design). One thing I do want to mention is the finish on most canvases do not make a super smooth finish for the transfer, either get unfinished canvas or choose a design with texture to make it look (a photo will not work). You can see my finished product and that was the very first canvas I made!

DIY Transfer Paper Designs Instructions

Here’s what you need:

Here's how to do it:

The transfer paper comes with great instructions, be sure to read all of if before starting. These are the steps I followed to make it perfect!

1. Know what you want:

First things first, decide on what you want to do. I wasted time deciding between designs, sizes, etc. Have a vision and make a plan. For my welcome sign I purchased an Etsy Instant Download Print and then personalized it. Be sure you know what you want to transfer onto. I suggest having some scrap material to test before you start on your clothing.

2. Create your design:

I used InDesign and Photoshop for my projects, but you can use Word, Publisher, or even Paint.

3. REVERSE the design:

This is a critical step! I burned through many sheets of this transfer paper by simply not thinking about this step. The transfer needs to be reflected when printed so that it can basically reflect back on the finished product.

4. Print:

The easy part. Simply hit print on your home ink jet printer.


Whether you have multiple pages you have to put together,or you have a small design, cutting the excess paper is important. The size of the transfer paper you iron on will transfer even if there isn’t a print on it, which will change the texture of the material a bit. Be sure to cut your design with a small border around it. This will give you room for error and let the transfer lift up smooth.

6. Place:

Find the right spot and place.


Iron on with an iron. Follow the instructions on the transfer paper for time and pressure, and ta-da! You have a finished product.

Hope you enjoyed these DIY instructions. If you have any questions about the directions, I'll be more than happy to explain further. Happy Monogramming!

-The Baby

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