Incorporating Your Wedding Décor in Your Home

3 Crafts with Wedding Extras that Will Look New!

Happy Monday! It’s three months out from my wedding and I am now just realizing I have all of my wedding décor sitting in boxes. So I started a few projects I would like to share where I am using my wedding décor as my home décor!

For me, the wedding décor was easy; I had a vision and a color scheme and I knew what I wanted. Wasn’t always easy to find the perfect piece, but I knew what I wanted. Now my husband and I have just moved in together at a rental, and we are merging all of our stuff… I always thought my place would be perfectly decorated and matching like a Joanna Gaines home, but instead we have mismatched furniture, walls we can’t paint, and weird empty spaces. Trying to match the room is hard enough forget a theme. The two options we have is either spend a ton of money into a temporary place or work with what we got. And the latter is what we are doing. When I realized I have all these boxes of decorations, I immediately thought “How can I use this?”

My 3 favorite wedding décor to home décor projects:

Eucalyptus Wreath

I LOVED my wedding flowers…they were big, organically arranged, deep colored, and just gorgeous. I had eucalyptus and roses on each row for the ceremony, a few fake garlands for the ceremony enhancements, and one 3 foot eucalyptus garland for our table. And somehow all the living eucalyptus got tossed in a box- but guess what… I opened the box and the leaves dried BEAUTIFULLY. I actually was just looking at Home Goods for a Eucalyptus Wreath the other day, which made me immediately think I can make it!

I think the end result turned out great!

MR & MRS Sign

On Amazon, as a last minute wedding purchase, I got Mr. & Mrs. wood letters for the head table. I spray painted them gold to match the day. I used these letters on the collage wall of our wedding. Really was a simple thought but the end result was great! Don’t discount the simple wedding décor, it can make the room!

Tulle Curtains

Amazon again for the win, I purchased 54" by 40 yards of tulle for my ceremony (for dirt cheap), they weren’t the best quality but were perfect for a little added extra design on our outdoor ceremony backdrop. The other night me and hubs went to Ikea, you know to get our steps in, and I saw tulle curtains on display. Anxiously awaiting spring, I could use some new airy curtains just like that! With all my tulle at home and the help of Middle Sisters sewing machine, I made exact ones for my bedroom.

Happy crafting!

The Baby

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