Flying with Kids

Who here hates flying with kids? I do. Super stressful. I can’t even get excited about my trip until I get past flying there. Then why would I fly with kids? Sure beats driving all day.

I hate flying with kids because it is so expensive.

Like, oh ya, would love a weekend trip with the family, but wait, looking at $2,000 for a 4 day weekend for a family of 5. So, umm, no, I will pass. I will just stay home. Infants are free? Of course they are, because the airlines know that the amount of stress and planning that goes into flying with an infant is worth a ticket. When should I feed the baby? On take off or landing? Oh ya, both. And what should I do with the screaming toddler since you made us turn off the DVD player. Just saying.

I hate flying with kids because I carry way too much stuff.

Literally, I have a personal item, carry on luggage, diaper bag, plus a cup of milk, a bag of goldfish, and a stroller all attached to my body. This is not even counting the baby I am carrying and the toddler’s hand I am holding. All this while I am yelling at the oldest to wait for me. The crazy lady is coming through.

I hate flying with kids because of all the nasty looks I get.

I have gotten really good at reading minds since I have had kids. Some people are really sympathetic. Like a 25 year old single girl who carried my stroller for me when the baby refused to sit in it at midnight. Or the middle aged lady with her kids all out of the house, who sat next to me and let the little guy lay down on her. There really are plenty more. But my favorites are the business people. They do not have time for kids, especially whiny, tired ones. I can read their minds. “They better not sit near me.” “Oh, no, they are coming my way.” “Seriously, lady, this is no place for all those kids.” Well, actually, people, I paid more than you to fly. So deal with it. I know you will be playing peek-a-boo on the plane with them anyways. They aren’t that bad.

I hate flying with kids because of the whole ear popping thing.

I have only rarely dealt with the whole screaming in pain thing because of my kids’ ears popping. I have experienced it though, and it is truly miserable. So I always extra plan for this. No one wants to listen to crying kids for the last half hour of a flight, including me. I nursed when they were babies. Had pacifiers for the odd times they wouldn’t nurse. Have snacks and candy. Have drinks. I basically have it all.

I hate flying with kids because I never have enough room.

Have you sat in the seats recently? There is barely room to put the tray table down and stick a diaper bag under the seats. How do you expect me to fit a writhing 1 ½ year old on my lap for the next 2 hours? Well, I can pay for the seat, you say. Ya, not loaded over here. I will just suffer.

I hate flying with kids because I always have to switch planes.

I dream of flying just one flight to my destination. I don’t even know if that has ever happened. Switching planes is the worst. I once had a layover in DC with a baby and a toddler. Baby strapped to me and toddler in stroller. We landed, and I got the stroller as I exited the plane. But instead of the ramp going up to the airport gate, it went down stairs to the pavement where we walked across a parking lot and had to walk up stairs to get to the airport. Near impossible. I carried the toddler, baby, stroller, and backpack up and down 2 flights of stairs. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, to get on my next flight, we were told to wait in a bus terminal thing and then took a bus to our plane where I again had stairs. Not to mention both kids were having meltdowns. All the elderly people flying with me were trying to help me, and I kept thinking, I am pretty sure I am supposed to be helping them. Yup, literal nightmare. Avoid that airport like the plague now.

I hate flying with kids because of the amount of things I need to have readily available is always impossible to be readily available.

If you have kids, you understand. In my car, I have baby wipes right next to me. I have the drinks either next to me or behind me. I have the DVD player for long trips already plugged in up front and sitting in the middle thing in the front. This is impossible to do flying. Everything needs to fit in my backpack. I use my pockets too, but have you ever tried to get stuff out of your pocket mid air, with a writhing baby on your lap? It is not simple. And you have to be a gymnast to get to your backpack under the seat in front of you, and that’s hoping you remember which compartment you put it in. No wonder fanny packs were fashionable back in the day. Maybe I will start using one.

If you see a crazy mom in the airport with a fanny pack, a couple of kids on leashes, and Dunkin' Donuts coffee in hand, just stop by and say hello. I would love to chat.

Til Next Time,

Sister #1

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