Emergency Car Essentials with Littles

Happy March! I love love love having an emergency car kit for our busy lives. (Did I say "Love?!") I decided to do this post because it was a necessity to replenish my emergency kit. But first, let me give you a little back story of how this post came to life...

Tuesday, I pulled into my 3-year-old’s school, running late—shocker, and my other son had a doctor’s appointment in 15 minutes. As I dragged my 3-year-old out of the car, I heard this choking, coughing thing coming from the other side—yup my one year old is throwing up. No, I haven’t trained him to hold a bucket to throw up in yet (that’s my other son 😊). I ran to the other side to make sure he wasn’t choking to death. Luckily for me the parking space next me was open so I could pull the car door open wide and start putting throw up items on the pavement. My one year old finally stopped; now I could start my super speedy process of cleaning the car/car seat/child from throw up. I mean, I am ready! It’s almost like I can go on autopilot… I have been training for this moment for the last 3 years! But as I started my Olympic record-breaking time for cleanup, a car sits WAITING for the empty parking spot next to me that I clearly need. So what did I do? I pulled a complete New Englander on that chick. I made no eye contact and continued to do what I was doing and stuck my little butt out like, “Hey girl, this isn’t gonna happen!” She eventually pulled away. By the time she drove away I was done with clean up. How was I so fast? EASY – I had all my emergency car essentials for little guys.

I have learned the hard way of not having items for “Emergencies” with littles. I’ve thrown out countless items I’ve loved because I used it to clean throw up or the dreaded runs. So don’t be me, and get your emergency essential kits ready asap. “Life doesn’t wait for you…” and neither does your kids bodily functions. On to what’s in my kit!

Paper Towel Roll

I feel like there shouldn’t be too much to explain why this is an essential. If it’s wet and gross – most people’s go-to is a paper towel. No further explanation needed.

Baby Wipes

I try to stay clear of fragrance wipes for this. I would say I used 10+ on my kid’s body the other day for throw up. I have a whole pack because I run out of baby wipes fast!

Extra Absorbent Blanket

I stress “absorbent” because you never know when you will need the extra padding for kids to sit on to soak up extra whatever. I also like to have an extra blanket in case it’s a bit chiller than expected or took an extra unplanned trip outside. Whether it’s for actually using as a blanket for its clean-up purpose – you are good to go.

Disinfecting Wipes

I have a travel pack because the large tube would take up too much room. I usually use a few anyways after everything is cleaned up. The wipes won’t kill the smell, you can try, but it won’t. I use it for more of peace of mind that it’s clean. But when I go home, that’s when the real overhaul of cleaning happens.

Diapers or Underwear

With the runs, it can happen more than once and happen suddenly. I have 3 extra diapers in the kit. I feel like that is a good number since I usually have a couple in my diaper bag. Also, these are SUPER absorbent for clean up if all else fails!

Hand Sanitizer

The smell will linger in your nose for days but at least your hand will smell like straight alcohol. Also, hand sanitizer is important to have with littles. Usually there’s some in my diaper bag so when you run out, you will have one in the emergency bag.


Just in case there is that “big” fall that requires more than 2 bandages, you have in your purse or diaper bag. Always have extra bandages because little guys cry more when they see blood—cover that all up. I would suggest 5 or more. Plus, this is the last item I replenish in my diaper bag or purse when I run out so it’s great for even the smallest of cuts too!


I have a small stick sunscreen for kids. I love the stick sunscreen because it’s not liquid and it’s small. I cannot tell you how many times I needed sunscreen for the kids unexpectedly out of the house. This is my favorite thing in the kit!

Extra Soother

Pacifier, cuddly blanket, etc. whatever items your children use to sooth, have an extra. I swear this is a black hole in my car because I have lost so many items to it. I chose the pacifier because my one year old uses it for sleep. And lucky for me, my other son uses the blanket I packed too.

Trash Bags

If I was on a game show and someone told me I could only have one item, this would be it! Extra grocery bags are great for dirty diapers, gross paper products for cleanup, wet clothes, dirty clothes, and food or trash around the car. I go through at least 2 grocery bags a week from usually dirty diaper changes from park dates.

For my emergency car pack, I put all my items in a large Ziploc bag. I want to make sure that the items do not get ruined while (fingers crossed) I wait MONTHS for something to happen suddenly. Also, I place the large Ziploc bag under the driver’s seat, it’s easy to access but also doesn’t take up my car room.

The emergency car pack above is only an example of what I found works best for my family. Really, this emergency car pack can be done so many ways. Feel free to add or change anything to your preference. Show me your emergency car essentials – I would love some new ideas to add!

Sending clean, dry thoughts your way,

Middle Sister

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