Easy & Cheap Craft Night - DIY Painted Mason Jars

Craft nights are the best, but sometimes they can be difficult to host when you’re the one coming up with craft. If you are like me, I LOVE hosting craft nights. I’ve done countless activities over the years and this craft is one of my favorites. Painting mason jars is simple, cheap, not time consuming, and has down time to enjoy each other’s company.

The prep for painting mason jars needs one trip to the store (even the dollar store)! The majority of the items you already will have at home. Average cost for each person is about $5 including paint, supplies, and 3 mason jars each. For this craft, I already had all the items in my house except the mason jars; therefore, I only spent $3 per person! Nice, right?! Also, I think it is totally reasonable to ask people to bring their own mason jars if you want to save money. But, I would make sure I had everything else they needed to finish the craft.

What you need:

  • Acrylic Paint

  • Mason Jars

  • Paint Brushes

  • SOS Pad or something similar

  • Blow Dryer – if short on time

  • Paper Plates

  • Napkins

  • Bowels/Cups

  • Old Table Cloth

  • Decorative String or Tags (optional)

Ahead of time, I printed out several different designs of painted mason jars from Pinterest. It took several minutes passing around pictures until everyone decided what they were doing. I believe this would have taken much longer if I didn’t print out pictures. If you are naturally artsy than you won’t understand, but people need to see something to design/make it. Handing someone 3 mason jars is like handing them 3 blank canvases and then saying, “Go wild.” It’d very hard to do for most people, so picture examples are a must.

I set up the work area on my dining room table, placing an old table cloth in case of drips. You are working with ACRYLIC PAINT—this will NOT come off. 😊 At both ends of the table, I had several different types of paint brushes and a bowl of water. Each seat area included 2 paper plates (one for painting, the other for the acrylic paint) and the 3 mason jars. The acrylic paint colors were in the middle of the table so everyone could see them. My kitchen island was cleared, functioning as a drying station, each time someone finished a mason jar. This allowed them to dry somewhere else to make room on the dining room table.

The majority of the painted mason jar designs will have down time. The paint dries quickly, but to speed it up, you can have a blow dryer ready. While we waited for the first layer to dry, we had a delicious store-bought dessert. 😊 I think this makes this craft ideal. No running out the door after the craft is done—you must wait and enjoy each other’s company.

After the paint dries, some will continue to do their second layer of designs on the jars and others will make the jars look “vintage.” I wanted simple ones for spring, so I went with the “vintage” look by using a scrub pad to take off the paint in the areas I wanted. Below are great examples of different looks you can create with a scrub pad.

Photo from 2 bees in a pod

Photo from luxuryflatsinlondon

Photo from Ohmyword

I would let the painted mason jars sit for about an hour before transporting them home. This is another great time to get more dessert or admire each other’s work. This was the first time I painted mason jars, and I’m telling you I am hooked! The designs came out beautiful, and it took VERY little effort. Below I included some cute designs from our craft night.

I hope you enjoyed this simple and cheap DIY! If you have any questions, please comment and I’ll be glad to help.

Happy Wednesday,

Middle Sister

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