Last Minute Easter Dress Shopping – Amazon Prime to the Rescue!

I don’t have an Easter dress and Easter is less than a week away.

I went shopping last night on the hunt for the perfect Easter dress. I went to the mall, Marshalls, and Target. I tried on a lot of dresses, particularly at Marshall’s (for some reason I think I’m getting a killer deal there, but the price range was still about $40).

Is $40 a lot to you? To me, it is. I’m cheap. What can I say?!

Not only was it the money, but I didn’t like the designs on me. I know what styles are flattering on me and hide my flaws. So why would I wear something that would require me to have to wear a girdle underneath?! Lucky for me, most of what is in style this Spring is loose fitting. But all the loose-fitting Spring styles were picked over in my size…Probably from all of those stay-at-home moms who have their act together and went early. (I’m a stay-at-home mom, but clearly don’t have it together…)

After coming home with bags of clothes for my kids and nothing for me, I decided I can just buy one from Amazon Prime! I know this is a rant, but I love Prime because of the 2-day shipping and the free returns (on most dresses from Prime). I considered Walmart because of their 2-day shipping, but they are tricky with returns. I do have to say I did previously buy a dress below for $14 online at Walmart, and it was beautiful!

Back to Amazon Prime….

I compiled a list of dresses from Amazon that can be worn on Easter or whenever you are feeling those Spring vibes. The list also includes several dresses that are similar to ones I saw all over (which I assume means that they are in style or something) including bell sleeves, pink everywhere, off the shoulder, ruffled sleeves, floral, and fruit patterns (who knew?!).

So how did I decide who made the cut? It had to meet certain criteria:

  • Prime

  • 2-Day Shipping

  • Free Returns (most)

  • Good Reviews

  • Under $30

That’s a pretty good list if I do say so myself! But, I have to be honest - I ordered several and will probably return the ones I don’t wear. Because,'s free returns!

The Fruit Dress - this comes in several different patterns. It's only $18.99!

Classic Church Dress - this one comes in several different patterns too, along with different designs of the floral pattern. It's only $17.99! (I ordered this one!)

Southern Girl Easter Dress - this dress comes in several darker colors, but I personally love the pink! Depending on the style it's $16.99 - $25.99.

Long Sleeve Pocket Dress - this dress also comes in navy and burgundy. It's $28.99. (I ordered this one too!)

Swing Bell Sleeve Dress - this dress comes in several different pattern options. Prices vary depending on style from $20.99 - $24.99.

Copy Cat Dress - this dress looks VERY similar to a dress I tried on at Marshall's. It also comes in red or black. It's only $21.99 compared to $39.99! ***NOT free returns***

Casual Floral Dress - this little cutie comes in white and black also, but I prefer the navy. Priced between $15.99 - $16.99, at that price, of course I bought one!

Long Casual Floral Dress - this dress had to be on my list because it's one of the top picks for this private Facebook group I'm in (it has over 15k members!). So it must be good, right?! This dress comes in several different patterns, and each one is a slightly different price range. This one here is $29.99.

Classic Bell Sleeve Dress - this dress comes in a LOT of colors and patterns. Price ranges widely from $14.13 - $29.90.

Maxi Short Sleeve Dress - this dress comes in several different floral patterns and colors. It's priced between $23.99 - $26.99. ***NOT free returns***

Off the Shoulder Floral Dress - this dress is also a favorite on the closed Facebook group I mentioned before. Priced at $21.99 with several different floral color and patterns to choose. (I want to buy, but hubby hates off the shoulder...wha, whaaaa)

Poppy Long Maxi Dress- this is my favorite and I'm hoping it is look amazing on! It also comes in different colors and is priced between $22.99 - $28.99. (I bought the color shown above!)

Bright Pink Dress - pink is in, or at least I think so, because everywhere I went there were pink dresses. This looks super comfy and you can dress it up and down. It comes in black, red, and purple. Priced only at $15.99, I definitely bought one!

Since I did all the searching, you should be put at ease about your Easter Sunday attire. Let me know what you thought of these, and if you bought any. I will be updating on my opinions after receiving mine. 😊

Goodbye from hopefully a beautifully dressed girl on Easter,

Middle Sister

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