Fun and Easy Rainbow Circles Craft

Who is looking for a minimal prep, attention-grabbing, simple kid activity/ craft (it can really fall into either of these categories)? I definitely was for a long time and could not find one that worked with all my kids (toddler, preschooler, and elementary children). I scoured Pinterest and have oh so many pins. I literally have a board dedicated to kid crafts and activities, and still nothing that worked great for us. Of course, we did try a lot, or should I say, I tried a lot… because all those crafts required me to do most of it. Trace the kid’s hand and cut it out or turn it into an animal, help with the glue and paint, you get the idea. So not only was it me doing a ton of it, but it was also me doing a massive amount of cleaning up, and I already struggle with keeping things neat around here. I would have to scrub paint off the walls, scrub glue off the floor, and don’t forget the laundry… those clothes did not get spared from the craft, trust me.

Now onto my revelation… remember when we were kids and used to overlap circles and color them in different colors to create an awesome new pattern? Anyone? Well, I did. And now my kids do too! I don’t even know if they have a name, but let’s just call them rainbow circles craft. I guess that works.

How to do it, you might ask? Simple, I promise. I bought a bunch of those rolls of paper from Ikea and use that when we do this, but you can use whatever paper you want. Then I get out 3 things from my cupboard that have circular bottoms that I could trace. Sometimes it’s a cup, my paper towel holder, and a magnet. Other times, it’s a candle, bowl, and my microwave cover. Whatever floats your boat. It can be more than 3 things, just find things of various sizes. Then I trace them onto my blank paper with a pencil. If I wanted to be really artsy, outlining the pencil in marker would be good, but I like to be lazy and keep it easy. As I trace, I overlap the circles so there is more shapes to color. And when it is covered in circles, have the kids start coloring. I usually color one spot for them to show them. Then let them have fun! Toddlers usually don’t understand this so they just color however they want, but I limit them to an area. Preschoolers sometimes get it and sometimes don’t, but they love the idea of all the colors so just let them have fun with it. I always join in the fun too! I might not be creative, but I do love coloring.

And remember, the clean up is easy too! Put the crayons away, and hang the picture up on the fridge. Easy-peasy!

Rainbow Circles Craft Quick Info:

Ages: 2+ (I like doing these too!)

Prep Time: 5 minutes (yay!)

Fridge Rating: 5 STARS (really, they look great!)

Supplies: Plain paper, cups/ bowls, pencil, colored pencils/ crayons/ markers

Why it’s great: an inside activity that keeps them occupied, minimal prep work, end result is “show-Daddy” worthy

Here's to easy clean up & tons of fun,

Sister #1

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