Birthday Wish List

Do you have a hard time figuring out what to buy people or better yet what you really want for yourself?

I’m the person who is hard to buy for, because I just buy myself things if I need them. So getting me an item I “Need” usually isn’t an option. Gift cards are nice, but they don’t last long…literally I either spend it in a 2 hour period after getting it or I end up buying something for my kids with it.

What makes the perfect gift? ...something someone doesn’t need, but something they WANT.

If you spend any time with a person you are buying for, it’s pretty simple to figure out what they would like. Once you have the knowledge of what someone likes, the possibilities are endless. Literally, check out the internet. For example, your friend likes Disney World so type in "Disney themed gifts" into a search engine. Bingo, you will find something you think is cute, and I bet they will love it. Not only will they love it--they will probably say “How did you come up with idea, I love it?!” And your reply should be “I knew you liked this such-and-such so I looked for something with it.” Wow, how awesome is it that you got them a thoughtful gift, but you actually WERE listening and remembered! To me that means the person cares about me and took the time to find me something I would love. AKA that’s a thoughtful, perfect gift.

I made a list of items I love for my April Birthday. These are items I would never buy myself because I don’t NEED them, but I WANT them…you see what I mean?!

I put the gifts into 3 categories: home, clothes, and accessories. Also, I listed reasons why I picked the gifts. These items are WANTS I have, not needs; therefore this list is oh-so good!


This list of gifts are great ideas for Mother’s day, showers,

weddings, birthdays, Christmas, just because, and housewarmings.

Magnolia Wreath

Why picked: Not only is this trending, but wreaths (I hope) will never go out of style. I choose this one because of it's great reviews and the price is a little lower than average.

Where to get: Etsy

Bible Verse Wall Art

Why picked: I love having great reminders throughout my house to look at, but stylish Bible verses are hard to come by. These unique prints of meaningful verses make them extra special to me.

Where to get: Etsy Hospitality & Honey

Matching Mug Set

Why picked: Well, because I don’t have matching mugs. I would love to have a set that isn’t matchy matchy but rather compliment each other with the same quality. This is something I want but would never buy because I already have mugs; hence, the WANT and not need.

Where to get: Macy's, but you can also find this brand other places.

Blue Floral Plates

Why picked: I have plates, but they have been through a lot in 7 years. I could definitely use a new set, and I would like a pattern I LOVE. These are perfect for everyday use or for hosting parties...which I'd do more of with these. 😊

Where to get: Pier 1


This list is good for Christmas, birthdays, going away to college, Mother’s day, and just because.


Why I Picked: Since I can remember, I have always owned more than one pair of jeans. Also, I love Lauren Conrad brand at Kohls and these have great reviews!

Where to get: Kohl's

Scalloped Shorts

Why picked: Ok, I have to admit, I’m pretty much obsessed with this brand! But also because these scalloped shorts are super cute. I actually got an early birthday present (from The Baby sister) and they were red, scalloped shorts from J. Crew. Yes, I LOVED them.

Where to get: Lauren James (Click here to enter the site with the referral code for $10 off next purchase.)

Disney Tank

Why picked: I love going to Disney World and plan on going to Disney a couple more times this year. I picked this shirt because it’s a tank, the colors, the bow in the back, and our maiden name is pronounced "Flurry," so Olaf is our jam. This shop has any Disney saying you would want - highly recommend!

Where to get: Etsy

Graphic Pink Tee

Why picked: I couldn’t help it; I love Lauren James Tees! I first bought a “Sweet Tee” from her site, and they are incredibly soft. Something I cannot shake from the south is sweet tea--I love it! If you've never tried her shirts before, you need to!

Where to get: Lauren James (Enter site here for a $10 off referral code)


Why picked: This is bright and monogrammed! I especially love the cotton design of sailboats. This is perfect for a cooler night or morning in New England summers.

Where to get: Marley Lilly


This list of gifts are good choices for birthdays,

honeymoon/bachelorette gifts, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and graduations.

Bee Necklace

Why picked: My name means “bee” and these little guys are finally in style. I chose this one because it’s delicate and simple.

Where to get: Nordstrom

Floral Bottle

Why picked: This little bottle is perfect for me. It’s spill proof (in case my kids need to use it) and the design is beautiful!

Where to get: Amazon

Bow Ring

Why picked: I’m pretty girlie if you haven’t figure that out yet. Bows are one of my favorite accent pieces. Also, this simple, small design exactly fits my preferences when it comes to jewelry.

Where to get: Jared

Seersucker Backpack

Why picked: Because I have kids and I still lug around a billion items everywhere we go. Summer is coming and this adorable, monogrammed, seersucker backpack is at the top of my list.

Where to get: Marley Lilly

Converse Sneakers

Why picked: I would have never imagined myself wanting Converse, but since my boys love them, I want to join in! And HELLO, they are my favorite color...purple. 😊

Where to get: Nike

This concludes my long wish list. Hope you found something that you may "want" or a great gift for someone else.

Cheers to shopping,

Middle Sister

P.S. Let us know if you bought any of these items from this list or if you have any gift ideas to add to this!

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