Games for a Get Together with Friends or Family: A Collaborative Post

This is our first venture into collaborative blogging. A little experiment you might say. We all love games and playing with family and friends. So many of our best childhood memories revolve around games like the time our grandfather threw the bell off the table while we were playing Pit. Or when me and my cousin were fighting over the spoon (and I lost unjustly) in the game of Spoons. Or a real classic was when grandma played Christmas charades with us and did the same pose for Mary and the angels, just turned her head slightly to show the difference. Honestly, we could go on and on. You could say we just love the competition of it all (which is true), but I think our favorite part is the laughing and making fun of people... you know, in a nice way.

So without further ado, our favorite games...

Catch Phrase

This game is by far the most played game in our family. You can find it here.

When we think of this game, we think of our Dad. I would say by far, this is his worst game. One time he just said “SSSNNNOOOWWW” with his hand waving in the air, over and over again. Like what?! (His phrase was “snow flake” which he thought we would all just eventually guess...). All in all, this game is hilarious because if you have a phrase in your head, you just assume everyone will get it eventually and in this game everyone gets made fun of!

Why do we love it?

  1. The Baby- “Easy to play, even the younger kids can get involved.”

  2. The Baby- “I don’t know that I have met someone who doesn’t like this one.”

  3. Middle Sister- “Everyone is involved the whole game.”

  4. Middle Sister- “Not too crazy, so it can bring quieter people out of their shells.”

  5. Middle Sister- “A great game to make fun of people, you know, in a nice way.”

  6. Sister #1- “You find out which people think alike, and it is often unexpected.”

  7. Sister #1- “Easy to bring places because it is so compact you can fit it in your purse.”


This might be our family’s favorite game. Or at least our first favorite. It is a classic. You can find it here.

This is our family’s cheat game. Someone is always cheating, whether it be the old person at the table or the quiet ones in the corner exchanging cards. There is bound to be some people cheating, and it is hilarious when they get caught! In our family, it’s complete denial, but if it’s someone else, they always confess which is even funnier. I think our family is hard to play games with... Oh well!

So what makes this such a great game?

  1. Sister #1- “It’s not hard to learn.”

  2. Sister #1- “Competitive, but a lot of fun!”

  3. Middle Sister- “You can all sit around a table and snack in between rounds.”

  4. Middle Sister- “Everyone plays the whole time.”

  5. Middle Sister- “It’s fast paced, so no dead time or feeling like the game is dragging too long.”


A new favorite, at least with Middle Sister and the Baby. Find it here.

I can remember playing this the first time at a girl’s night in. It broke the ice, and it really showed people’s true self. For example, the girls learned quickly that I was a horrible drawer and an even worse speller. It made us all a little closer that night! – Middle Sister

Why it’s the best...

  1. Middle Sister- “A grown up version of telephone.”

  2. Middle Sister- “It is so silly, everyone finds the humor in it. But even the quieter ones will enjoy it because it is not too crazy... like Pit.”

  3. The Baby- “It is a great game for acquaintances to play too because they can get to know each other a lot better.”

  4. The Baby- “It’s not competitive so no one is offended.”

  5. Sister #1- “I never played it, but I am going to have to buy it now...”

Heads Up

This is the perfect fun game that almost anyone can play. Did you know Ellen DeGeneres came up with it? I didn’t! You can find it on your smartphone! Yup, the easiest!

This is our go to game for waiting in line at Disney. Our personal favorite is when a seven year old, Mississippi girl started playing with us in the Frozen line. She just couldn’t resist. Her accent alone had us wanting to play for longer, but it was even better when her dad joined in for the princess trivia!

So what do we love about it?

  1. The Baby- “It’s funny for everyone, especially the one who is trying to guess.”

  2. Middle Sister- “It’s so easy to learn and play. No one is arguing about the rules.”

  3. Sister #1- “We played this a ton when we went to Disney World and waited in lines. It’s also great to play around a kitchen table or even at the beach.”


Another fast-paced game with a buzzer…yes, please! You can find it here.

What’s so great about it?

  1. Sister #1- “Let’s add a challenge to the perennial favorite, Catch Phrase.”

  2. Middle Sister- “It’s timed, so it gets pretty competitive!”

  3. The Baby- “Everyone is involved, even when it’s not your turn.”


This game is the easiest and could be the funniest of them all. One great thing about this game is you can make your own list or find one online – No purchase necessary!

Why is it a great go-to game?

  1. Middle Sister- “You don’t even need to buy anything for this. Just come up with ideas on your own.”

  2. Sister #1- “It works for little kids who can’t read and even older people who don’t want to be all crazy.”

  3. The Baby- “We love to do themed ones, especially Christmas themed charades.”

Do you have a favorite game? Obviously, our preference is fast, loud, and fun. But some like the silent, thinking ones (like Middle Sister’s other side of the family). We believe these games are the best for breaking the ice, getting to know each other better, and to just enjoy spending time together! What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Farewell game night warriors,

The Sisters

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