The Sister's Favorite Memories of Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we wanted to give a shout out to our mom for basically being the best mom around! She kept it together during some pretty tough times. And now, as adults, we are trying to decipher her secrets.

But looking back, we decided to share our favorite memories of our mom. I know we could totally fill a book with how awesome she is, but we decided to keep it short and sweet. Each of our memories of her are very different which probably says a lot about her and a lot about us. We love you, Mom!

Sister #1

"To be honest, I feel like I am the most like my mom in so many ways. I yell like her. My house is a mess. I have 3 kids. And my favorite place in the whole world is the beach.

When we were all around school age, my mom would rent out a house for 2 weeks at the beach. It was a little beach (technically in the Sound) in Connecticut. The house was really only about 45 minutes away from our home, but to us, it was a whole other world. We truly felt like we were on vacation. She did this for a few consecutive summers. My dad could never get time off of work, but he would come by at nights and weekends. It was the best.

I remember searching for all different seashells with my mom. We would collect the prettiest ones and make jewelry or some other project with them. We would look for sea creatures, and we found a baby horseshoe crab which was awesome! We found starfish, clams, and mussels. My mom even steamed the mussels for us (because we liked them) even though she didn’t like them. Everyday the tide would go out and be so low that we could walk out to this little island that seemed so far away. And there we would explore and find more treasures from the ocean.

At the beach, my mom got away from the stresses of life, and was able to completely be immersed in our worlds. She never acted like we were a bother. I think she actually enjoyed it. And trust me, we ate it up! I know now it must have been a ton of work for her to pack us all up and go spend those weeks at the beach (not to mention all the walks back and forth to the shore lugging our chairs and the cooler). She really was super mom!

And now as a mom myself, I love taking the kids to the beach and building sand castles, searching for shells, and just enjoying the sound of the waves."

Middle Sister

"My favorite memories of my mom always include just her and me. I am the middle child. Not only am I the middle child, but my sisters are super close in age with me. Sister #1 is less than 2 years older and The Baby is 13 months younger. Yes, my mother got pregnant with my sister when I was 4 months old…apparently, my parents couldn’t keep their hands to themselves. Anywho, so I have very few memories of one-on-one time with either of my parents. “I’lllll bbbbeee ttthhheeerree” from Boss Baby the movie, that was kind of my jam. I was there, but never got the baby treatment or the first-child-needs-more-alone-time treatment. I got sister treatment A LOT from my parents. “Go play with your sisters.” “Go ask your sister for help.” Sisters, sisters, sisters...

But when I would get sick, my mom was the best cuddler/hugger in the world! I can remember going into my mom’s room as a high schooler sick, and she would just hold me. Growing up, I rarely gave hugs or showed any type of physical affection (that has changed since kids), but my mom was the only one who could comfort me that way. I’m sure she probably gave the same cuddles/hugs to my sisters too, but I’m going to block it out and assume it was just me. Her hugs were like an anaconda wrapping you up for dinner. It was tight and hard, my favorite when you have the aches. She wouldn’t rub or caress me. It was just one giant bear hug that lasted till I wanted out. Now, guess what type of cuddles/hugs I give my boys? Yup, the grab. Wrap you up and almost squish you type…I think they like it.

So, to sum up my favorite memory of my mother would be alone time with her and her holding me. Also, that time she told me that if I kissed a boy she would know because my lips would swell up. Yup, I didn’t dare kiss anyone till I was 18 and, even then, I was caught off guard so it wasn’t my fault! I was scared to death for a month that she just knew…which she probably did since I hid my face the whole month."

Sidenote from Sister #1- Mom knew right away when I kissed a boy for the first time. I was going up to my room late at night, and she just popped out of her room (next to mine) and says, “You kissed him, didn’t you?” Totally caught me off guard. I confessed and she was fine with it… There must be something with the whole “your lips will swell up” thing…

The Baby

"My favorite memories of my mother are from my adult years in life. I lived at home until my wedding at 27 years old. Living at my parents’ house made me build friendships with my mom and dad instead of just a parent-child relationship. This is one thing I have always cherished. My mom and I somehow turned into the same person, because of this we would always go shopping, grab Dairy Queen on summer nights, or just run errands together.

A few years back, I went to Italy with my mom, grandma, aunt, and cousins. The trip was planned to get my grandmother’s house in Italy in order, and I was smart and came for the last 10 days of their 3 week trip. When I got there, we got to see Rome and Venice and travel a bit. A few of those days we stayed in my family’s native, little village town on a mountain side. Because there was a bunch of us (not to mention the foreign family members that I don’t know)…Mom and me would take off in the mornings before anyone really started moving. This gave us a little break to do our own thing. We would head to the top of the mountain where there was a main street with cafes and little shops. Mom and I would poke around at the little shops, where she would inevitably buy me a cute souvenir - like a gold dipped leaf from that area! Then we would grab a cappuccino at the first café we saw. There were many moments on the trip that I got to spend time with just Mom. One thing I noticed on that trip that made me really treasure these small memories was that we were friends, we liked the same things, and we really were scary similar. I love my mom, and sometimes I hate how crazy much I turned into her, but today I can chat about anything with her. I see why moms really are the best."

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there. One day after the diapers and child rearing - I hope that you too will have a relationship with your daughters that we have with our mom!


The Sisters

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