Moving is Miserable. How to Plan Ahead for Moving.

Coffee grounds (mixed with a little eggs) are splattered across my kitchen floor. Pieces of goldfish are crushed into my carpet. Five loads of laundry stare at me begging to be folded. Two rambunctious boys running rampant through the house still with pajamas on at noon. And me fighting back the urge to whip out the credit card and spend thousands of dollars to make someone else do this…. You guessed it, I’m moving.

We are moving in less than 2 weeks, and at this point my house is beyond repair.

Unfortunately, I don’t have local friends or family to help, and my husband is stuck working until after we move. I also have 2 very active boys now. Last time I moved I had just a baby and one active boy. So it’s me, just me, tackling this move.

This is the hardest move yet.

Six moves in 7 years is soon to be our record. It’s nuts, I won’t argue with you there. But these moves are for my husband’s blessed career (which hopefully he will have next year) of becoming an MD.

Why is moving so miserable?


Not including the moving supplies, or the trucks, or the movers, or the storage units, or the cleaning people. I’m talking about the extras. The run out and buy extras during your moving process. The extra diapers, the extra items you already packed, the endless amount of take out. It gets pricey fast because everything is last minute and not budgeted for. I didn’t know you can be so sick of take out until now.

There it is, the 5 loads of laundry...

Household Chores

Remember the 5 loads of laundry mentioned before…somehow all my hampers are full again. Ugh, why did we stop putting laundry shoots in houses?! At least then, I wouldn’t see the amounts of laundry. Also, I already paid for cleaners, and my floors are covered in piles of boxes. I refuse to clean! I can no longer keep up with the household chores of making meals 3x, doing 1 to 2 loads of laundry a day, cleaning dishes every night, and packing this house up. No, I don’t know where my kids are. But I’m 95% sure they are still in the house.

Fitting Items into Boxes

Boxes galore at my house. Literally, I think I have too many. Maybe it’s because I am addicted to online shopping, and I just can’t break through that diaper phase… We have plenty of boxes. But I’m sick, like OCD sick. I cannot tape up a box unless I fit everything like a jigsaw puzzle into it. My aunt once told me about the professional movers that came and packed her house for her. When she was unpacking, she was so surprised to see that they packed boxes that weren’t completely filled. I NEED to become this way.

No Enjoyment

There is no binge watching TV, leisurely reading, sitting outside with coffee, enjoying the spring weather with the kids. Pack, pack, pack, “Oh Crap” moments, and then pack. Do me a favor, and enjoy something for me today. Because you have no idea how much you miss it until you are packing your whole life away.

Personal Hygiene

Sweating every day, random food stuck to the bottom of feet, no make up for days, no other adult contact. So why should I bathe? Beats me. It’s more of a preference at this point. I really need to pack!

Ya, that's my kid spitting food all over the floor. You're welcome.


Like I mentioned before, food is everywhere in my house. I’m consistently passing around snacks and the 19-month-old is a walking disaster. Why do I think he can have food around the house? I’m just at my wit’s end, and my kids will consistently eat snacks (and leave me alone) if I give it to them. My husband came home early one day and was screaming about ants. “The boys cannot have food around the house anymore, I killed like 500 ants.” (Just smile and nod, smile and nod.) They currently have a cookie in hand.

This picture sums up how the move is going.

I’m Grumpy

All the time. And tired. And sore. And sleep deprived. Did I mention my hair falls out during high stress times in my life? It does. And I’m going bald too.

Anything Extra on Your Plate Will Happen Now

Car breaking, kids getting sick, animal accidents, pipes bursting, plan for it all. Something will happen during your move.


Showing a house is the worst during moving. The worst. I can barely keep up with the household duties, and you expect me to show it in 30 minutes???!!!! I have gone to house showings where people are moving and they could care less what the house looks like. Unfortunately for me, I care because it’s still my house!

Realization of How Much Stuff You Own

With each move, we have thrown stuff away. And yet, when the next move happens, we are still doing this. Am I hoarder?! No, but I have totally bought into the American culture of more stuff. When will I learn? Hopefully, with this move.

How do you plan ahead to make moving not miserable?

Plan, plan, plan everything. This move is the worst because I didn’t plan as well as I should have. There were about 2 weeks of medically related issues in the family which put me back in my schedule. Like, I said previously, plan for those to happen.

Here is a short checklist of what my plan is before a move. Feel free to click the picture to download it!

I’m off to pack – hope this helped!

So long my fellow packers,

Middle Sister

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