A Letter to My Newly Married Self

I saw a list the other day of someone talking to her high school self. Well, I have a whole lot I would say to my high school self (like “trust me, there are more fish in the sea…”). But, I thought I would do one to my newly married self, especially since the Baby is still kinda newly married. Oh, how I have changed in the last 9 years. I have seriously learned so much, especially about this whole adulting thing. It’s a tough lesson, buttercup. Be prepared to go through the school of hard knocks.

What I Would Tell My Newly Married Self

1. Don’t keep buying all that Walmart furniture and home accessories, even if they are cute. You will regret it when you have to buy all that stuff again next year. Oh, and that Big Lots couch… bad purchase.

2. Learn how to halve or quarter recipes. You are wasting too much food and money. No one is going to eat the same thing for the next 3 days. That’s gross.

3. Don’t compare husbands with your friends. You didn’t marry the same man (thankfully…). They both have different strengths. And to be honest, you are perfect for each other, even if he isn’t a handy man. No one else can make you laugh like him. Or make French Toast like him. It’s the little things that make up the big things in life.

4. Don’t buy Hamburger Helper. It is the worst of the worst. Enough said.

5. Do not use your spare money to buy everything left on your registry. You do not need 20 juice glasses right now.

6. You are not dating anymore. I repeat, you are not dating. All your free time does not need to be spent together. Find your own hobbies. It is healthier for both of you that way. Oh, and no matter how much he tries, sitting there and trying to watch football every weekend is just not you. He will learn this quickly.

7. Find other hobbies besides shopping. Money is hard to come by.

8. Stop obsessing about putting on a little weight during your honeymoon. You are going to be pregnant in 3 months, and your body will never be the same. Enjoy what you have now. Man, how I miss it…

9. Don’t get stuck in these conversations where everyone is downing in-laws. Your in-laws are pretty amazing. Be thankful, be very thankful.

10. Learn how to actually cook. Stop asking other newly married girls what they are cooking. You are not cooking savvy yet. That idea of putting chicken breasts in the crockpot will not work out for you. Chicken in the crockpot is not your thing. Just get over that now.

11. Get your hair done. I don’t care that money is tight. Cut corners elsewhere. You will feel better about yourself. He won’t complain because he always liked your blonde hair anyways.

12. Stop talking about his quirks to your friends or family. Trust me, you are no peach to live with either.

13. Don’t freak out every time your husband (or you) breaks something. Just you wait til you have kids…

14. Learn how to start showing affection to him in public. You don’t need to be all over him, but he is your husband. People need to see that you actually love him. Hold his hand. Flirt with him. For goodness’ sake, you chose to marry him. Enjoy it.

Well there you have it. So all you newlyweds out there, take my advice and don’t buy that Hamburger Helper or the clearance couch at Big Lots. Save yourself a world of trouble.

Until Next Time,

Sister #1

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