28 Ways I'm Trying to Hold onto my 20's

Happy birthday to me! But this year, I'm starting to realize how 30 is coming quickly. I wrote this fun and silly post about being in my 20's is still very real for me. Enjoy!

1. I search out trendy clothes

2. I still think I look beautiful without makeup

3. I eat Ramen noodles and chicken nuggets

4. I am back in school full time

5. I think I can run 5K’s without training (shocker- I can’t)

6. My hair is never done even though it should be

7. I refer to college like it was yesterday

8. I don’t have cable and steal it from my parents

9. I think I am up to date with the latest technology (I’m not)

10. I watch reruns of Friends

11. I sometimes forget I am married

12. I snapchat every day

13. I still rock ripped jeans

14. I eat like I am not going to gain weight (even though I just gained 8 pounds)

15. I still go shopping like I am a dirt poor college student

16. I am accruing student loans

17. I am still old school just doing my nails myself

18. A selfie is still my profile picture

19. I make inappropriate jokes when I am not supposed to

20. I still think I look great in a bikini until I put it on

21. I still sleep in til 10 am on my days off

22. I can’t decide what I want to be when I grow up

23. I think 40 years old is old

24. I steal groceries from my parents’ house

25. The thought of having kids scares me

26. I stockpile candy, especially when it is on sale (refer to point 15)

27. I want a dog, but the commitment of it all scares me

28. I’m always ready to leave my current job


The Baby

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