FREE Get-Out-Of-The-House Summer Activities with Kids

Sorry, all other seasons, Summer is my fave. My birthday is in summer. There’s no school. I can enjoy the water. Sounds great to me!

But what to do with the kids all summer long? You can’t fork over an arm and a leg for summer fun! That would be crazy! So the cheaper, the better.

Let’s look at free options… (because it doesn’t get better than that!)

Splash Pad

Google it. Find them and thank me later. Throw on some swim suits for the kids and let them run around to their heart’s desire. And you? Just sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet…


My personal favorite. We have a beach near us that is on the sound so it is not as crazy with the waves. Perfect for kids and just one parent. Not too much to worry about. And for some reason, my kids will devour fruit at the beach. So be prepared to get a full week’s serving of fruit into them while you can.

Friend’s Pool

The city pools are not that expensive, but we are looking at free, folks… Some friends will even go so far as to say you can use the pool when they aren’t home! Which is totally awesome. But don’t take advantage of them. Schedule a play date. Rotate homes. And work on your tan.

Local Pond or Lake

There are a ton of these that you can find, either to swim in or just visit. Either way is fun. Just be sure to check before you go. Nothing is worse than saying you are going swimming and then can’t, or plan on not going swimming and then you don’t have swim suits…

Barnes and Noble

It rains. Life happens. Go to Barnes and Nobles and let the kids play with the train tracks. Explore new books. Make new friends. Enjoy the AC. And when you are done, search your local library to see if they have some of those interesting new books you found… See, I told you it could be free.

Playdate Water Gun Fight

Trust me, you can do a ton of stuff just at home. But I am trying to think of more out-of-the-house-stuff. But I think this can work. And who doesn’t love water gun fights? Buy a bunch of cheap water guns (or splurge) or pull out all those ones you have somewhere in your garage. Meet up with others at the park or their home. And let the craziness begin. Come prepared with extra guns (because some are bound not to work) and a change of clothes for all, including you. Kids will not listen to you when you say you don’t want to get wet. Just a heads up.

There is probably an endless list of things to do in the Summer. And maybe we can look at other options later, but I hope this gave you an idea of fun things for everyone this summer. Enjoy that sunshine!

Until Next Time,

Sister #1

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