The Sister's Favorite Memories of Dad

Father’s Day just passed, and we were so busy having fun that we didn’t get around to posting this until after Father’s Day! But that doesn’t mean we love our Dad any less. He was the main man in our life for 20+ years. So, just like we did for our Mom, we are going to share our favorite memories of our Dad. Without further ado...

The Baby

My favorite memory of my dad is from my Senior year in high school. He was my coach for basketball. My last year of high school was also the best because I was the only child at home, both sisters were away at college. This had its perks like going out to dinner 3 nights a week and getting all the attention! It definitely was a lot less hectic too, and my parents were just a lot nicer... oh, the stress that 3 girls brings. My Senior year, I was able to spend a ton of time with my dad because I really enjoyed basketball and went to him more because I wanted to get better, and honestly, wanted to spend more time with my dad. My favorite memory was at the end of that basketball season. Just my dad and I were driving 2 hours up to a tournament. We spent the whole time talking about plans for the game.

He told me, “Just enjoy the game. You are ready.”

That meant everything to me. Obviously, I wanted my dad’s approval, but this drive up gave me the confidence and made me realize that he was proud of me. This was also the last tournament that he would coach me. It made me really appreciate the relationship we built. This memory probably doesn’t sum up our relationship enough, because my dad is my rock. I don’t know who or what I would be without my father. I’m so happy today that I have such a strong relationship with my dad. I can go to him for anything, and am so thankful I get to spend this Father’s Day with my dad!

Middle Sister

Okay, time to be honest. When I was growing up, my dad and I were like oil and water, just didn’t mix. Now looking back, I see why... we were basically the same person in different phases of life! We fought over everything. If I didn’t finish my dinner, I would have to sit there all night... and you better believe I would sit there until it was time for bed. I was told not to date a boy... but, of course, I did. He would coach me in basketball and tell me to shoot a certain way... nope. I wasn’t giving him the satisfaction of my basketball success. I was a complete rebel, especially when it came to my dad. He would often say that I was just like him when he was a kid, prideful and full of attitude. I guess personalities are passed down through the genes...

So my favorite memory of my dad is actually when I was first married. We are known to become obsessed with random topics. We would talk for hours about doomsday prepping, politics, and the meaning of life. Our friendship grew, and we would laugh over how much we think alike. I’m so grateful for him giving me my thought process, my obsessive personality, and my determination to find joy in life and live it to the fullest.

My Dad has taught me so much growing up, but I never appreciated his wisdom until much later. We still talk everyday even after 6 plus years of marriage. He has grown to be one of my best friends, and I am forever grateful that God gave me him as my dad. I mean, I’m essentially the same person, so I would say he is a pretty cool guy.

Sister #1

I have so many great memories of my dad. I can truly say that all the time he spent with us girls really made an incredible impact on our lives. I remember going to college and being shocked by the relationship some girls had with their dads. They hardly did anything with him. And the older I get, the more I realize how important a daughter’s relationship is with her dad. The whole “Daddy issues” thing is real, and I am so glad we had a dad who invested everything into us.

Honestly, our dad did all sorts of stuff with us one-on-one and together. We went to baseball games, amusement parks, beaches, and impromptu road trips. But my absolute favorite was going to the bookstore with him. We would go for hours, and it was always spur-of-the-moment. This was something we did just us. My sisters weren’t big readers and neither was our mom, but both my dad and I loved to read. It was something we were able to bond over. He would take me to the bookstore, and we would talk about everything in the car. Once there, we would split up and pick out books. Then we would meet aback up at the cafe with our finds. We would always get a little something, my dad a coffee and me a hot chocolate and biscotti. It was the best. We were able to discuss school, politics, future plans... just about everything. He always talked to me like I was his equal, someone he could relate to and he respected. It built so much confidence. And that time with my dad is something I would never trade for the world.

Oh, and sidenote... I don’t actually remember this, but shout out to my dad for saving my life when I was just a few months old. He performed CPR and everything. They even wrote an article about it in the newspaper. So ya, clearly I wouldn’t be who I am today without my dad!

As you can tell, our dad was the best, and we still think the world of him. He made such an impact on our lives just by spending time with us. It’s something that is rare, but that is desperately needed today.

Thanks, Dad, for loving us and listening to our incessant talking. We love you!

Until Next Time, The Sisters

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