What NOT To Do with Kids this Summer- I’ve learned my lesson

Staying busy in the summer is great. The kids have all that time off of school. Vacation time is here. And life is perfect…

Well, not always. I learned the hard way of things not to do in the summer with kids. Trust me, you don’t want to learn these lessons the hard way…

1. Do NOT go to Disney World in August while baby wearing.

I am sure you can find tons of information and opinions out there telling you to wear your baby at Disney World, but I am here to tell you that is a very, very bad idea. Why? Well, let’s break this down for you guys.

Summer in Orlando and especially in asphalt land Disney World is scorching hot. We are talking about reaching 90+ every day. And it is humid, so very, very humid.

You walk a lot. Like 20,000 steps a day walking. Which is awesome if you have the right shoes and are not dripping with sweat because of the aforementioned heat and humidity.

Babywearing keeps both hands free but totally blocks any airflow to your torso and your back for that matter. So prepare to be soaked through your clothes with perspiration.

So ya, sucks for you. But the baby will not be happy. Just like you are dying of heat, the baby is so hot too. No airflow to the body for them either. Prepare for crying.

Have you ever heard the survival tip for when you are in a freezing place to just use each other for body heat to survive. Well that’s a sure way to feel as if you are going to die in 95 degree weather, 90% humidity, and walking like 20,000 steps a day.

Don’t do it. Just don’t. Get a stroller with an electric fan and sun shade. Consider yourself warned.

2. Do NOT impromptu go to the beach to just enjoy the scenery without having swim suits ready to go.

We went to the park by the beach one day and decided it would be fun to finish off our excursion by going to walk on the beach. So we went and it started off great. Everyone was just dipping toes in the water, no worries…Until that big wave came and knocked the toddler down and washed over him and his clothes, and then his regular diaper swelled up like a balloon. Did he cry? Nope. He loved it, and we couldn’t keep him out of the water. Then all the kids kept getting more daring while we were helping the toddler, and they got all wet. And here I was with 3 wet kids, no change of clothes, and the sand. Let’s just say the amount of sand I brought home that day was unreal. Oh, and they basically road back home in nothing but underwear. They loved it. It was a nightmare for me. Just picture what everyone else on the beach was thinking as they saw us out there…

3. Do NOT go explore a 3 mile trail through wetlands on a humid day.

I was prepared. I knew it was going to be hot and humid. I dressed accordingly. I dressed the kids accordingly. We packed plenty of water. But we were going exploring! We had our little binoculars and field guides ready to go. We left in the morning to beat the heat. It was going to be great… until it wasn’t. Let’s just say that we did not finish, that I pushed the toddler in the stroller the whole time, and that my preschooler was begging to turn around and go home. Oh, and after we ran into McDonald’s to get an ice cream, and my oldest son says, “Mom, your shorts are all wet.” Ya, that’s sweat. I sweat through my shorts. And now I was out in public looking like I wet myself. Good times.

4. Do NOT show up at the community pool at 9:30 when it opens at 9.

Another stellar mom moment. I looked up the pool and talked to people who had been there. It sounded awesome and cheap! So we packed our bags, invited a friend to come along, and set off around 9. When we got there at 9:30, there was a sign that read “Session closed. Max capacity reached.” What?! We were barely there 30 minutes later… Ya, it was all those crazy day camps. They beat us to it and maxed out the capacity. So here we were on the other side of the chain link fence looking in on that nice refreshing water. Try explaining to your 3 kids that you have to leave. Just see how that goes for you.

- we went back the next day and were there at 8:30. So take that, day campers…Side note

Summer. We love it. We live for it. We also learn through some pretty crappy experiences. Heed my warnings or tears will be shed… especially your own. What have you done in the summers that you regret? I would love to know that I am not the only one.

Until Next Time,

Sister #1

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