"Where can I contract a rare plague…" 5 Things to Do When You’re Overwhelmed As a Stay At


No visitors. Being fed three times a day. Nothing to do but wait. A couple of weeks or a few days…as long as I live and get to rest.

I have thought this several times in my life, usually every 6 months. A break from the whining, being called mom 200x a day, the constant schedule of preparing food, clean, laundry, and repeat three times a day. Not only kids, but making sure my husband’s clothes have been dry cleaned, bills been paid, refrigerator is full, the list can go on and on.

I’ve been there. I am there. And I can not tell you how many times I just need to reset.

I make sure to do these 5 things so I can take my stay at home job to the fullest. Because we all get burnt out at work, and THIS is our job! Don’t ever let someone tell you being a stay at home mom is easy, it’s not. Your husband get’s to remove himself from work everyday, you don’t. You live there, literally.

How do I reset you ask?

1. Eat Healthy and Enough

As a stay at home mom I find I forget to eat throughout the day and then binge eat at night. Prep ahead of time for food just for you throughout the day. I can’t count how many times I am crabby because I haven’t drunk or eaten enough. Mommy controls the tone of the house so let’s eat and be merry!

2. Exercise Alone

Did you know exercise is a great stress reliever? Or better yet, a good energy booster? As a mom I think it’s important to get some me time, but with these added benefits, this is a must. For me, I like to make a playlist of my favorite running songs and try to run a mile or so after the kids are asleep. This gives me more energy when I get back to clean the house or fold laundry. Plus, I get to listen to my favorite tunes – no Disney songs though- just say no!

3. 20-30 min Relaxing Time a Day

Whether you like to mediate or just relax on the couch, this is a must! No screens. Put that phone down and turn off the TV. Scrolling through social media is not a break. I like to drive around with classical music playing and an ice coffee in hand. Classical music naturally relaxes me, and I enjoy looking at houses and nature. Stop thinking about the list of items that need to be done and just relax!

4. A long weekend trip without Husband or Kids

Am I a horrible person for not taking my family on vacation? Heck no. If you think about it, your husband gets 7 plus hours away from the family 5x a week (35 hrs a week!). Say you left every night after your husband got home till bed time. What’s that – 4 hours away from it all? And let’s be realistic, you probably only go out once or twice a week after dinner by yourself. You need away time! Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I can remember doing a 3 day trip to Cape Cod, and I missed my family the 2nd day and thought of them more than I had in a long time. And guess what? That next week I was more patient and loved on them all a little more. Unwind, do this, and don’t ever feel guilty for it. You are not super woman so stop acting like it!

5. The Power of No.

YOU ARE AN ADULT! I scream this in my head several times a week. If I don’t want to do it, I don’t have too. Being an adult is amazing. Say no for a week. No play dates, no Doctors appointments (if you can help it), no running an errand for your husband last second, say no. It’s amazing how much less yelling happens in my house because I’m not stuck to a schedule. If we want to go to the park, we go. If we don’t want to go to the park, I don’t. This will change your attitude – maybe even make you a hermit. Just kidding, you do need to see adults too sometimes.

I could write a book on how many other things there are to help make life easier for a stay at home mom. But this list is specifically for your mental state. Find something you enjoy, make time for it every day, and get out of the house without the family. Like I said before, you set the tone for your family, so set a GOOD one.

Best of luck on enjoying your everyday job.


Middle Sister

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