The Truth of Being a House Wife for 2 Weeks

As I have before mentioned I love being married. When I was on vacation for 2 weeks I thought being a housewife would be so fun! The truth is it is very boring as a budget house wife. I thought it would be wonderful to get caught up on house work, spend time with friends, and shop. Instead…I’ve been bored out of my mind…why you ask…

House Work is Lame

I spent some of my time doing laundry and cleaning my house. It was really nice to be able to find my counter tops again. My little apartment gets cluttered fast, and it’s embarrassing to admit it’s not just hubs making a mess. After I cleaned the surfaces, I started on the bathroom and then even the shower. Scrubbing everything down didn’t seem like a relaxing time but it needed to get done. I then moved onto laundry. I did laundry for a full day and used half a bottle of detergent. Mission Accomplished. Febreze and vacuuming were next then I even went onto weeding…yes, I was that bored. This took all of a day and a half...

Everyone Works

Did you know…everyone works during the day? I thought I would catch up with my friends since I’ve been busy studying for the last three months. Maybe beach days, shopping trips, and overall good times, but as I mentioned they all work, so I could see them after work and fight traffic or I could hang out with hubs and spend time with him in a more comfortable spot on the couch. It was pretty boring during the day and it was not fun to clean and do laundry. Being at home all day did not benefit me in the girl time department. (I am not that lame though, I did get plenty of girl time but it always required fighting traffic which is not that great of a break if you ask me.)

Shopping on a Budget is Depressing

Finally, I thought I would get to go shopping with all the end of summer sales! Then I realized - I can barely fill up my gas tank with my twice a week waitressing job. I basically threw stuff in my cart and sadly put it all back. I was even jonesing so hard to shop that I thought grocery shopping would be fun, bad choice. Instead I got sad about how much I HAD to spend on food and not fun.

I decided being a house wife is great if… you had house wife friends to have fun with, you are rich, and finally you have a maid. This is what the dream really is. So for everyone out there hoping to quit their jobs and be a housewife - I say pass. It’s pretty lame. Make money for extravagant vacations.

Going back to nursing school soon...yay!

With love,

Baby Sisters

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