Only Sisters To Only Sons - What Having Boys Taught Me

I grew up with only sisters. It was quite a shock to find out my firstborn was a boy and then my second as well… My house is always messy. I have at least a load of laundry every day (boys like mud… who knew?).

After having 2 boys, I have learned a lot about them. Let me just give you a short list of the big ones I never knew.

Boys need to be looked at 24/7. Period.

Boys crave, beg, whiny, scream for approval and praise.“Watch This!” “Look over here!” “Mom, watch me!” I hear this about 20x a day. No wonder most men's love language is word of affirmation...

It has to be soft.

Literally everything. My boys are obsessed with soft things…they take all my faux Sherpa fabric and roll around in it. Then they instantly start cuddling, with me, each other, a random stranger, whoever is available. They LOVE soft things. If it’s super soft…buy it for a little boy…it will be his new favorite.

They have a death wish.

I feel like this point doesn’t have to be explained, but I will. Simply, I do not know how my boys are still alive. They are jumping, running, attempting flips all the time. My living room furniture is their indoor jungle gym. The floor is always lava. There is no walking, reading books, quietly playing…it’s “Today I’m a puppy, and I will crawl, bark, and jump all day.”

Obsession with Mommy is real.

I love this point. I never knew what that bond was until after I had my boys. It makes total sense why no man will stand up to his Mother. He adores her and never wants to hurt her feelings. My boys have bad days, but the bad days aren’t taken out on me. I’m their rock and comfort…and I love it!

They are gross.

I’m at the point where I embrace this point. Dirt under nails, licking everything, spitting and then touching it, the list can go on. Just roll with it. I do, and I’m not a complete mess....yet.

A bath – "NEVER!"

Once boys are about a year and a half old, they will hate baths or being clean for that matter. I’ve learned to put water guns and special toys in the bathtub so they can play and spray each other in the eye and then whine about it later. I should probably rethink that, but oh well - they are clean at least! As they get older, they hate taking time to be clean even more. Taking a shower is a whole other level of “Absolutely NOT.” Good luck and "May the force be with you!"

They are naturally very kind.

Girls are sassy (or I like to say "Nasty") once they reach the toddler age, and they don’t normally outgrow it. They are picky about how other kids smell and look. Not boys. If you’re nice- you’re in. It’s really that simple. I love this about boys. Someone can smell, look funny, do gross things, but as long as they play with them, they don’t care!

Boys are awesome in my opinion. Stinky and sticky – I’ll take them. They are sweet, energetic, loving, and just all around fun! (Just be prepared to drink 2-3 cups of coffee in the morning to keep up). To any girls out there trying to find a husband, here is a bit of advice- Be sweet, kind, become friends with his mom, and work on making your skin extra soft. That’s the secret to a man’s heart! 😉

Sending love from this boy mom,

Middle Sister

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