The Best Time of the Day: Bedtime

I bet you all could guess what it is. I feel like it is so obvious I don’t even need to tell you, but this is a blog after all.


In my household, there are actually 2 bedtimes- the kids’ and mine. Both are equally enjoyable and well-loved here. The first comes around 7:30, and the second around 10:30. Did you notice the 3 hour gap between these two? Let’s be honest, if we are lucky, it’s more like 2 after the “I am thirsty” “I want my bear” “I have to go potty” and “can you fix my blanket.”

Seriously, I have heard all the normal ways to postpone bedtime and quite a few abnormal ways too.

So what are the benefits of an early bedtime for kids, you might ask. Well, you have come to the right place, my friend!

1. Mornings are more enjoyable (is that even possible?). Kids are better rested so fewer cases of the grumpies.

2. Nights are more enjoyable… for me and hubby. I need some quiet time too. Some time to feel like a normal non-yelling human being. So what do I do once I put those kids to bed? Well that’s when the real fun begins. I can clean in peace (surprising how I look forward to this…). I can read uninterrupted for hours if I want! I can watch TV, spend time with my husband, go shopping by myself, or just scroll through Facebook and Pinterest. Sometimes, I even go to a party! Shocking, I know! It really is all a girl wants.

3. Learning is enhanced. It’s just a fact that kids learn better when they are well-rested.

4. I yell less. It’s sad I have to put this, but with less sleep, comes more whining and tantrums… from both me and the kids! Do you remember what it was like having a stretch of 5 hours of sleep for the first time after bringing a new baby home? You felt like a new person. Ya, sleep does everyone good.Bedtime just comes at the perfect time of the day. My patience is wearing thin, my body is exhausted, and my ears hurt from all the noise for the last 12 hours. Plus, for me to feel like a human, I need to unwind in quiet and do a little something for me. It is just really for the sanity of us all.

I wish it was bedtime now…

Until Next Time, Sister #1

Disclaimer: I love my kids and spending time with them, but when we are all tired, we are all irritable. Let me know about your favorite time of the day and why! I would love to hear reasons to love the early morning!

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