What To Do With All That Candy?

I don’t know if you are like me, but there is no way I am about to give all that candy to my kids… Not unless I want to deal with vomit and diarrhea and hyperactivity and teeth rotting out.

So what to do with the all that loot?

1. Put some in a s’mores stash.

I love s’mores and have a legit area for my s’mores supplies. Good candy for this includes almost anything chocolate, but especially plain chocolate bars, Reese’s, and even Mounds.

2. Cut up the plain chocolate ones to make “chocolate chips.”

You still have too much chocolate? Cut up those kisses and other odds and ends and store in the fridge for your famous chocolate chip cookies. Throw in some M&M’s too if you are feeling like an extra awesome mom.

3. Amp up your Gingerbread house this year.

All those pretty hard candies and whatever else catches your eye (I’m looking at you Twizzler’s), put in a bag for when you decorate your award-winning Gingerbread house

4. Find dessert recipes that actually call for specific candies or come up with your own!

5. Make Christmas goody bags for coworkers- just no ghost or pumpkin candy for this one.

6. Put some in a decorative holiday candy dish (whether that’s for Thanksgiving or Christmas…)

7. Sneak a little Reese’s when you need to.

8. Put a piece in the kids’ lunchboxes every day.

I mean, it is their candy…

9. Store all the leftovers on a high shelf in the pantry in an opaque container.

Take my advice… You don’t want the kids to see it and eat it all in one sitting.

10. Freeze the good chocolate.

Chocolate usually freezes okay. So if you are still busting at the seams with the candy, try this.

11. Pat yourself on the back for saving your children from the destructive power of 10 pounds worth of candy.

What do you do with all that candy? I would love to hear your ideas!

Until Next Time,

Sister #1

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