Christmas Gift Guide For Your Husband

I don’t know about you, but I think that buying gifts for my husband is pretty difficult. Guys often have very strong opinions of what they like, and even stronger opinions about trying something new. Ya, makes for an interesting combo to shop for. But after a few years of marriage, I started to find shopping for him a lot easier. Maybe it’s because I stopped trying to change him (hahaha!). But before we get into the gift ideas, remember, gifts should be things that they want but wouldn’t buy for themselves. So basically don’t buy him those same socks from Walmart that he got last month.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I talked to a lot of guys about what they want for Christmas or what they have gotten in the past that they have really enjoyed. So I hope there is ample variety to cover most men, but I could be wrong…

I tried to list these from relatively cheap up to big ticket items. That way there is something for everyone.

1. Food and Snacks

My husband likes candy. My brother in law likes beef jerky. My grandfather loved getting a whole leg of prosciutto. A lot of guys like some summer sausage, cheese, and crackers. “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

2. H&B (health and beauty, in case you were wondering)

Men need this too, and they will rarely ask for it or even buy decent products for themselves. So let’s help them out a little. Think of products made specifically for men (i.e. Dove Men’s, Old Spice). Think of hair products, sunscreens (if they work outside), beard care items, even vitamins or supplements that they want. The choices are basically as long as the aisle at Walmart.

3. Nice White Dress Shirt

Just like we all need a little black dress, men need a nice white shirt (or 2 or 3). Go in the closet, find his size, and order him one. He probably needs a new one…

4. Socks, Underwear, T-shirts

I know, super fun, right? But I have found that guys typically don’t buy quality ones or hold on to old ones for far too long. Quality is key if you are getting this for a gift. No one wants a cheap pair of socks. And this can fulfill both a need and a want- think of dress socks with the Star Wars logo on them or Under Armor tee shirts- things they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves but deep down really want.

5. Travel items, especially if traveling over the holidays

Now I am not specifically talking about luggage (even though that isn’t a bad idea…). I am more referring to things they can use while traveling. Think of snacks and drinks, ear buds, audiobooks, travel pillow… that sort of stuff. My husband likes Pepsi and sunflower seeds while driving, weird, I know. But find out what your hubby likes and buy accordingly.

6. Quality Work Gear

Again this is both a need and a want, so make sure it is good quality. And the types of things they need will change depending on where they work. If they have to dress up for work, maybe get them a new briefcase, dress shoes, belts, ties, and even fancy pens. If they work outside, get some steel toed shoes, sunscreen, a hat, and maybe even gloves. Trust me, most men need something new for work, especially since they spend the majority of their waking hours at work.

7. Barber Shop Visit

Not just any old barber shop… try a sports themed one or maybe a vintage-y one. Go ahead and google some and grab a gift card or just schedule the appointment for him so you know he will use it… Don’t forget to check out groupon for some deals!

8. Gift Cards

Don’t kid yourself, even men like to shop and spend money… Try getting gift cards to Bass Pro Shop, Lowes or Home Depot, or Cabela’s. If you can’t think of a store he would like, restaurant gift cards work just as well- steak, burgers, pizza, etc. Plus, he will probably take you too, so win for everyone!

9. Books

This one is kinda tricky, especially if your husband is not a reader. Maybe get a coffee table book about sports or Star Wars or WWII. If you are feeling really adventurous, get a marriage book you can do together (I am not responsible for any fights that may ensue…).

If he likes to read but you just aren’t sure what he has read, get a Barnes and Noble’s gift card. Easy, done.

10. Handmade Gift

This should not be crocheted sweaters. Maybe try printing out and framing a picture from when you were dating, or framing a love note between you both, or write out “10 Reasons I Love You.” Google it, and you will be bombarded with cheap, corny, sappy ideas.

11. Levi’s

This kind of goes along with the same idea of the white dress shirt, and I have found that most men prefer Levi’s. Find out the style they like and snag a pair when they go on sale.

12. PooPourri

Boys will be boys, and this gift speaks to that inner child in all of them. Plus, it saves your nose. So why not?

13. Sherpa Blanket

Men like soft things, that’s why they married women. So for when you are not available, a soft Sherpa blanket will do. Check out this one by Bee Ann Flower.

14. Subscription Boxes

Every month a gift. What’s not to love? Plus the trend keeps growing so you will find something he will love!

15. A Massage

This is a pretty standard gift for women, but did you know that men keep buying it for us because they want it for themselves? Yup, get him a fancy one, and make sure it’s brutish Helga doing the massage and not petite Bunny….

16. New Outfit

Seems simple enough, but the key is to not try to make them something they are not. If they won’t wear skinny jeans now, don’t buy them and hope for the best. My father only wears a few select colors- navy, hunter green, and white- no matter how many others colors we tried…

17. Name Brand Clothes

The brands you love are not the brands he covets. Think more along the lines of Patagonia, Under Armor, Nike, etc.

18. Shower Speaker

This seems obvious enough. They need alone time too… just not candles around the bathtub for them.

19. Winter Coat

It’s cold. Everyone appreciates a nice winter jacket with all the bells and whistles.

20. Tools

Regardless if he is a handyman or not, he needs and will appreciate some basic quality tools. Hammer, power drill, screwdrivers, wrenches, etc. Don’t forget to see what he has that might need to be replaced.

And if he is a handyman, consider buying him a workbench with storage. Or maybe organize the garage to create a space for him to work.

21. Toys

The options are endless. Most men do not outgrow toys, they just like different toys. These can be video games and movies. Maybe handyman gadgets. Some hunting gear, ammo, and even a new gun. What about some golf clubs or other sports equipment. What does he do when he doesn’t have anything else going on? Oh, and don’t forget his geeky side (i.e. comics, superheroes, Star Wars, history, etc).

22. Something from his Childhood

Listen to him. Maybe he always checked out the same book at the library growing up. Maybe he was fascinated by those eye magic images. Maybe he collected bugs. Maybe he always wanted a pair of converse or Air Jordan’s. Think outside the box, but just don’t assume. You could even talk to his mom or siblings if you are unsure.

This is something I actually did. My husband talked about this Bob Hope book that he used to always check out at the library. He loved that it gave a little synopsis of every one of his movies. I found it on a secondhand website for him. When I asked him about his favorite gifts for this blog, this is what he said. Score for me.

23. New Electronics

Apple Watch, tablets, bluetooth speakers, ear buds… you get the idea.

24. Sports Packages

Often cable and satellite providers will offer sports packages for a fee. It’s usually a one time fee that you can split into a monthly payment for a few months if you want. These packages are usually like watch all the MLB games or watch just your teams MLB games. My husband super loves these. This is his Christmas present every year. And trust me, they offer it for every league (I think) and either through cable or simply through the internet.

25. Tickets

Yup, this is a good one. Sports games, concerts, comedy shows…

26. Weekend Getaway

It can either be a fancy romantic one or one for him and the boys. Figure out what he would appreciate more and go with that. Try to think of a creative way to tell him. Or just throw him in the car with his bags packed and take off.

There are probably a ton more great ideas, and I would love to hear about them!

Until Next Time,

Sister #1

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