Black and White Christmas - Decorate in Style this Christmas!

November 30, 2018



Have you noticed that black and white Christmas decorations are in? I am lucky enough to have notice the trend and stock piled early for my Christmas collection. But, black and white is definitely a me on this. So when I design something for the home I try to bring in the traditional aspect so the items can be used for years to come. 


I selected patterns that are traditional, yet have the black and white feel to match all the other gorgeous Christmas decorations available. 


  • Buffalo Plaid 

  • Houndstooth

  • White Canvas

  • White Burlap

  • Checkered

  • Gingham

  • Sherpa



Table Runners:


Table runners run close to our hearts, because they were everywhere as a child. Hello, Italian family equal a table runner on any surface. I am well aware it is a personal preference for table runners over table cloths, but we still love us some table runners. Here is our top picks:


Gingham “Joy” Fringed Table Runner


Reversible “Merry Christmas” Table Runner



Reversible Table Runner Houndstooth



Who doesn’t need more pillows? Pillows are such a simple way to decorate any space. Here is a list of our top picks:


Burlap Bell on Buffalo Plaid


Merry Christmas and Houndstooth Pillow Set


Black Dog Bow Pillow


Stenciled Initial Deer Pillow


Sherpa Pillow (white or ivory)






These stockings are not only stunning in person but are sturdy and available in large sizes too! With so much buffalo black and white plaid around, I think the simpler the better with stocking choices. I listed my favorite ones first, but really you couldn’t go wrong with any!


No Cuff White Classic Canvas with Black Personalized


White Sherpa on White Canvas Stocking


Sherpa stocking Hounds-tooth


Buffalo Black and White Stocking


Hounds-tooth Classic Stocking


Black Checkered Stocking



Christmas Tree Skirt


To be honest, I only have one style available now. But I LOVE it. Same style as many of my items, houndstooth. There is something so classic about this pattern that I adore. And let me add it looks stunning under a Christmas tree!


I hope you all have a wonderful time decorating! For our audience only, here is a 10% off code to use with any purchase from Bee Ann Flower: 10Off


Merry Decorating!

Middle Sister

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