Something to Read: 13 Book Ideas for Kids This Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and I always get something to read for the kids’ present. Even if you are a minimalist, you often will get your kids a book for Christmas… you know, fosters a love for reading and learning. The good stuff. (And if you know me, I do love reading). Plus, this totally fits into the whole 4 gift rule- something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read. And just FYI, my kids are currently 8, 6, and 3- boy, girl, boy.

I will list these in age group order from the youngest of kids up. Technically, anyone can enjoy a good Dr. Seuss book or Eyewitness book, but you know… as a general guide. So without further ado, let’s get into some great book ideas!

1. Dr. Seuss Classics. We would read these to our oldest when he was just a few months old, and even then, he was entranced by them… the pictures and the cadence. A perfect introduction to books for the babies. Oh, and they usually don’t outgrow these til maybe early elementary. So invest early because these will be around for the long haul.

2. Little Blue Truck series My youngest loved this book. It has that sweet rhyming going on and little car and animal noises. Plus the illustrations are adorable. Very cute!

3. Can You See What I See and Hey, Seymour series A favorite of my 3 year old. And he isn’t half bad. I like this series because the pictures have so much detail and often follow a loose story line throughout the book.

4. Fancy Nancy This is great, especially if you have a girly girl. The illustrations are bright, and the stories have a good moral. And there are a ton in this series now. Oh, and a new show on Disney Junior!

5. Frog and Toad Now I love Frog and Toad. Like me, personally, as an adult. Toad just cracks me up. So if you haven’t read these books yet, definitely grab a few. You will appreciate some laughs as you read to your little one.

6. Madeline Such a classic! We have the whole treasury and have been reading it to our daughter basically since she was 2. She still requests it.

7. Beatrix Potter Umm, can you say adorable! Who doesn’t love Peter Rabbit? Don’t miss out on this classic.

8. Little House books These might be my daughter’s favorite books. She talks about Laura as if she were her friend, really. It is just so interesting to read these stories and to know that that is how things really were. Makes you yearn for a simpler time… and realize how very blessed we are.

9. Magic Treehouse books These are my son’s favorite books. Like has been reading them since he was 4 and is still reading them. Sometimes I think he should move on to more challenging series, but I don’t want to damper his enthusiasm for reading. So all that to say, I’m good with him doing some light reading. But, these books are a great starting point for peaking their interest in history and science and all sorts of things. I would say that his absolute favorite Magic Treehouse book is the Magic Treehouse Survival Guide. Super informative and interesting.

10. American Girl stories Now, these were my favorite books when I was young so I couldn’t leave them out. Plus, I bought a bunch for my daughter as well, and we enjoy reading them together. Opens up a whole new world of history and empathy, and of course, the world of the American Girl Dolls.

11. Eyewitness Books Everyone loves these… my 3 year old asks me all the time to read them to him, but these are best for kids that can read them by themselves. They always have great illustrations, and you can basically find one on any topic you want.

12. Field Guides We just really started getting into these with my oldest. He loves catching bugs and frogs and toads in our yard and trying to figure out what they might be (even though he tries to convince me that they are basically all poisonous…). I love that it helps them get out in nature and really feel like an explorer. I would recommend the little Golden Guides.

13. Biographies This is also something new my oldest has gotten into. He loves reading about athletes and Presidents at the moment.

Trust me, there are a lot more great books out there, but these are our favorites for now. What about you? What books do your kids love?

Until Next Time, Sister #1

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