Let's Make Some Christmas Memories! Salt Dough Ornaments

Who loves making memories at Christmas?! I know I do. This is a simple craft to make for your next tradition around the holidays. Or better yet, a cheap way to add homemade decorations to your tree. Did I mention 3 INGREDIENTS?!

I like to do these the day before Christmas Eve so we have a craft to do the morning of Christmas Eve. It really set the mood with an easy, relaxing craft to do while listening to Christmas music and sipping on coffee. The best kind of morning!

I find salt dough ornaments are used generally for baby hand and foot prints, but really, these are adorable on the tree with a little paint and love. Get creative find stamps, straws (or anything to make the hole), small bowls, cookie cutters - literally, anything goes!

3 Ingredients:

1 cup of Flour

1 cup of Salt

1/2 cup of Water

(Add cinnamon or any other spice to make it scent)

Happy Christmas,

Middle Sister

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