In Defense of April Fools' Day

The question really is, why would I need to defend it? Who doesn’t love it? Honestly, I don’t know… but I still think I need to defend it, if only to defend my actions on this day!

Growing Up

We didn’t necessarily celebrate April Fools’ Day exclusively. My father is a rampant prankster… So random Monday in July? Expect him jumping out of the closet. Coming home after school? Don’t be surprised to find a mannequin sitting in the computer chair. That’s my childhood in a nutshell.

Was I scared out of my mind at times? Absolutely. Will I ever walk close to the edges of balconies or bridges with my father around? Nope, not gonna happen. He made me think I was going over a few too many times.

So what is so great about growing up with pranks?

1. It makes for some hilarious stories… after the fact.

2. They bring laughter into your home. What kids don’t enjoy hearing their parents laugh and having fun?

Do you want to hear some of our epic pranks from growing up? Sure you do!

1. Hiding in our rooms at bedtimes. Imagine just drifting off to sleep and your bed starts shaking. Yup, our father would hide under our beds for so long to catch us at the perfect time. Or instead of the bed, he would just walk out of the closet. Something else….

2. Remember the whole anthrax scare? Ya, well I will never forget it. During that time, we get an unmarked package in our mailbox. Obviously, we are curious. We bring it up to my bed, and my sisters, mom, and dad are surrounding it. One of us opens it, and a cloud of powder billows out. My sisters and I scream, but my mom just silently pulls her shirt over her mouth and leaves the room… thanks, Mom. And then there was Dad in the doorway trying to hold in the laughter. Baby powder, not anthrax.

3. Just plain old scaring us… Jumping out from behind a bush when we would take the dog out at night, randomly walking out of closets when we would pass by, hiding in our creepy basement when he knew we would come down with laundry. And it wasn’t always simply a quick “Boo.” Often times he would just make a small noise… we would look around… then another noise… and now were really trying to get to safety… then an all out attack, maybe a loud noise or just start chasing us… Ya, he was (and still is) crazy.

But how do you execute a great April Fools’ prank? Let’s look at some guidelines. - Don’t be cruel It seems obvious, but don’t be mean spirited. You don’t want your kids to end up crying. Plus, take the age of your kids into consideration. As they get older, they can handle it better. Younger ones, not so much.

- Know who you are pranking Not everyone enjoys a good prank. Don’t try to make them. Some kids, and even adults, will feel that you are laughing at them and be embarrassed. Some people assume you are doing it because you don’t like them. If you are going to do a harmless prank such as bring a veggie platter in a doughnut box or put toothpaste into Oreos, have the actual doughnuts or Oreos for when it is over. Oh, and only prank those you are really close to, whether that be close friends or family. Never prank acquaintances or even coworkers…

- Be able to take a prank This is key. If you are willing to dish it out, expect it in return. Don’t get your feelings hurt.

And there you have it folks… Prank away!

Until Next Time,


PS- Let us know what you did this April Fools’ Day! We could always use more ideas!

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