Why Halloween is Overrated

Let me clarify that I like Halloween just as much as the next guy, but there are a lot things about Halloween that I am just not a fan of. Sorry all you Sanderson Sisters wannabe's...

1. Jack-o-Lanterns are ridiculously hard to carve and make look nice... unless you are a sculptor (which I am not). Oh, and if you have kids, plan on carving theirs also and having them complain that it is not the image they had in their minds.

2. Candy Corn tastes like crayons. Same with those pumpkin things. Enough said.

3. Have you ever seen kids hyped up on candy? Tearing-down-the-walls craziness.

4. Trick or Treating eats up a perfectly busy school night more often than not...

5. Costumes are so expensive yet such poor quality. It's almost comical that something that rips the first time you wear it would be more than $30.

6. Creepy clowns are the stuff of nightmares... not what I want to run into when I am wandering the streets after dark (trick or treating of course).

7. My kids need their teeth, not 20 pounds of candy.

8. You need a separate budget to buy all that Halloween candy to give away...

9. I'm fat enough. And I mean with the mom tax that I take on the kids' candy... it doesn't help my expanding waistline as the holidays approach... Really puts me behind the eight ball for New Year's. (Ya, ya, I know I can exercise willpower, but with literally 50 Reese's hanging around, I would like to see you try).

Boo to You!


Sister #1

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